The Little Bump

Myrtle Maude Tummy-settling-teaThis delicious baby bump tea has been carefully formulated to provide the perfect balancing digestive tea for you pregnancy. With tummy settling ginger, rose, zesty orange and peppermint, it’s seriously tasty and will help with the nausea commonly experienced during the first trimester.
Myrtle Maude BonbonsOur melt in the mouth bon bons are specially formulated with natural peppermint oil and enriched with vitamin B6 offering a refreshing relief and a much needed energy boost for queasy days.
Bloom and Blossom Bath and Shower GelThis 99percent naturally derived and fragrance-free bath and shower gel is formulated with a sulphate-free foaming base to gently cleanse all skin types. It is gentle enough for use throughout motherhood, especially during pregnancy when you may be sensitive to stronger scents.
spacemasks one individualIf you're having trouble getting to sleep, or finding a comfortable position at night, look no further than this miracle worker. This self heating eye mask warms up slowly once opened and releases the gentle aroma of jasmine, leaving you to drift off to sleep in seconds.
parkminster small votiveThe beautiful scents from this natural, soy candle will calm, uplift and refresh. Relax in the bath with the candle burning nearby or let it fragrance your home ready for the inevitable succession of visitors once baby has arrived.
Ocelot ChocolateProduced in Edinburgh and sourced from Peru and the Eastern Congo, this rich, creamy chocolate is sure to satisfy any sweet tooth, and give you an extra boost during those inevitable moments of fatigue.

The Little Bump


Early Pregnancy Essentials

The perfect box to help expectant women relax, whilst also tackling those common early pregnancy challenges – nausea and sensitive skin.

  • Myrtle & Maude Baby Bump Tea
  • Myrtle & Maude Peppermint Oil Bon – Bons
  • Bloom and Blossom Fragrance Free Bath & Shower Gel (200ml)
  • Spacemasks Heating eye mask (One individual)
  • Parkminster Scented Soy Candle (90ml)
  • Ocelot Organic Chocolate


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