About Us

The 6 Essentials was founded by cousins Mary and Alice in 2016.

It’s safe to say that Mary found her first pregnancy to be a real challenge. The aching limbs, nausea and endless hormonal changes left her feeling drained and low. While looking for something to bring her out of the hormone induced gloom she came across beauty subscription boxes. Getting a box of treats through the post every month was just the tonic she needed.

Rather soon it became apparent to Mary that although beauty boxes were great, the items weren’t always relevant and often didn’t meet her needs. Many of the products were stored away on the dressing table, never to be used.

Flash forward to a few months later, while discussing the trials and tribulations of pregnancy, the ladies decided that it would be amazing if there were a box of premium products specifically aimed at pregnant women. The box should deliver amazing products and cater for all the potential needs they might experience while carrying their little bundle of joy for nine whole, long months. It also had to put a smile on their face at a time when they needed a boost the most.

Enter, The 6 Essentials! The premium subscription and gift box service for both expectant and new mothers.

Only a matter of months after this brainwave, Alice found out she was pregnant and started to experience pregnancy for herself, first hand.

They’re passionate about natural, wholesome products and feel it’s important to support the incredible brands based in the UK that work so hard to create beautiful products that genuinely help women.

Mary’s background is in HR and Alice’s in fashion, so while subscription and gifting boxes may be new to them, pregnancy is not. It’s all about making sure women feel the best they can whilst navigating the tough but truly amazing journey from pregnancy to motherhood.

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